Who We Are

The Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) is an international trade association that supports individual mobility management professionals and organizations in their efforts to reduce traffic congestion, conserve energy and improve air quality. Commonly referred to as transportation demand management (TDM), our industry provides services that are key to combating global warming and oil dependency while maintaining mobility options that can be sustained indefinitely.

Commuter Transportation, however, is a large topic and influences (or is influenced by) issues as varied as land-use and human resource policy. As such, ACT members represent a broad spectrum of specializations within the industry. Our members represent employers, universities, special interest groups, and many other agency types.

In 2009, ACT undertook a comprehensive survey in order to obtain a better portrait of its approximately 750 members, their interests, and how ACT is helping them meet their programmatic goals. The results of this survey (summarized in this section) paint a fairly accurate picture of the diverse interests of our members and how ACT is helping them meet their professional and personal objectives.