2019 ACT California Chapters Regional Conference

2019 ACT California Regional Conference program v6

Please find below links to view presentations from the 2019 ACT California Chapters Regional Conference

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Kick-off Session: The Success of the Keep CA Moving Campaign (Daniel O’Donnell and Devon Deming) KCM Event Presentation 1 – Devon Dan

TDM Ordinances: Don’t Trip: Take a Deeper Dive into TDM Ordinances to Keep CA Moving (Jacquilyne Brooks de Camarillo, David Somers, Jason Geldert, and Carli Paine)

Incorporating Mobility on Demand to Keep CA Moving (Emma Huang, Avital Shavit, and Hilary Norton)

Automated People Mover to Keep CA Moving (Stephanie Sampson)

Tying Together Regional Mobility of Demand, Micro-Mobility, and other New Technologies to Keep CA Moving (Joshua Schank Ph. D) ACT presentations_Afternoon_042919_OEIOverview_JS ACT

Update from ACT National that will help Keep CA Moving (David Straus)
ACT presentations_Afternoon_DavidSouthern CA Chapter Conference 5-1-19.pptx

Marketing Certificate – Part 1 Marketing Certification -Pt1 Dan ODonnell_Matt Mallon.pptx

Innovative Technology to Keep CA Moving (Deborah Jones and Peter Williamson)

Thursday, May 2, 2019

How to Modernization of Carpool/Vanpool Can Keep CA Moving by maximizing the Brain Trust between regions (Laura Abella, Puja Thomas-Patel, Jake Satz, and Dan Gronski)

Marketing Certificate – Part 2 Incentives Session

What’s Being Done to Keep California Moving with Tax Law and UBIT Changes

E-Scooter and e-Bike Launches to Keep California Moving